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Unique and thoughtful, every Sealy Mattress is designed in detail with  meticulous refining to ensure everyone has the perfect mattress for them. With a focus on alignment, you can find yourself restored after every night's sleep. With durability and performance in mind, Sealy's high-quality designs are supported by Orthopaedic research and have been thoroughly tested to make sure you receive optimal results. With Firm, Medium, and Plush builds, you can find one suited to everyone in your household.


King Single




Super King

Sealy Elevate

With comfort and support at the forefront of the Sealy Elevate Range - feeling refreshed is at upmost importance. Through Sealy's vigorously tested technology resulting in a layered and delicate design, this range is built for endurance and longevity. Align Support and ComfortCore Gel Memory are a few of the key supporters within this range, and the reason why when you find one, you are set for many years to come.



Sealy Exquisite

If you want high quality sleep each and every night, look no further than Sealy's Exquisite Range. Backed by Orthopaedic research, this range is designed with Posturepedic Technology. This has resulted in carefully curated Mattresses to make you feel as though your sleep is perfectly crafted for you each night. Comfort and support are the priorities of this range and your body will respond by feeling refreshed and rested every morning. With specific and meticulous testing and designing, this range was created for aid pressure relief and structured to help you feel optimally in your day-to-day life.


Sealy Advantage

Curated with meaningful technology to deliver you longevity and true comfort. The Sealy Advantage Range uses their CoreSupport Spring Technology system to provide you with high quality sleep to support your body's needs. Each mattress is designed with care delivering the best infrastructure to ensure stability and overall relief and relaxation after each day.