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Sealy Mattresses

With over a century of experience in the industry, Sealy has become the beloved mattress brand of Australia since its establishment in 1923. Sealy strives to provide the optimal combination of support, comfort, and longevity in their wide range of mattress and base options, accommodating all individual needs. Every detail of their products is carefully crafted and rigorously tested to guarantee an exceptional sleeping experience. Sealy offers various sizes to fit your preferences and the option to order with or without a base.



Upgrade your sleeping experience with the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance mattress and foundation. This range boasts exceptional construction and design, backed by thorough testing methods. The mattress is expertly finished with premium fabrics, creating a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Plus, the ComfortCore® Gel Memory foam in the center third of the mattress ensures superior support for your lower back.



With all the features you can expect from Australia's most preferred bed, the Aspire Collection has superior features, quality and durability with our Posturepedic support. It is designed to support your life with the revolutionary support, comfort and durability that only Sealy Posturepedic can deliver. With a soft-to-touch knit on top of the mattress, the Aspire collection presents an aesthetically beautiful sleep system for those who value a restful night's sleep.


Envision the feeling of arriving home to complete comfort. A bed that is perfectly suited to your needs, engineered to cradle your body in its natural sleeping position, leaving you feeling rejuvenated for the upcoming day. The Sealy Posturepedic Elevate provides the ultimate sleeping experience you deserve, featuring our latest technological advancement, the Titanium AlignSupport™ system. These innovative coils intuitively sense your weight and adjust accordingly, ensuring your body remains in its natural alignment throughout the night. As a result, you can relax and enjoy a more restful, restorative sleep, with the reassurance that each coil is working tirelessly to provide complete comfort.



Experience exceptional support that endures with the Sealy Advantage Range, which incorporates an alternating CoreSupport™ System and high-quality comfort layers. With the use of Sealy fibre, the mattress offers a breathable and plush sleeping surface, while the EdgeGuard® reinforces the edges for added stability. The Sealy Advantage range offers a range of comfort levels to suit your preferences, ensuring maximum value and performance. For optimal results, combine your Sealy Advantage mattress with a Performance Base equipped with FlexSteel modules, which are designed to extend your bed's comfort life. Handcrafted in Australia, the Sealy Advantage range is a testament to our commitment to quality and comfort.


What makes it Clearly a Sealy?

Manufactured with intelligent SmarTex® fabrics draw away moisture to keep you cool and regulate your sleep climate.

Reinforced with UniCased® edge support, providing added stability to maximise the usable sleep surface.

Gel-Memory ComfortCore® layer that adapts and conforms to relieve pressure on your lower back.

Extra reinforced UniCased® XT edge support, reduces lateral movement and delivers outstanding performance and durability.

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