Sleepmaker Ayr King Mattress – Firm

They say bigger is better and the Ayr King size mattress by Sleepmaker won’t disappoint. With more room to spread out and enjoy your side of the bed, this also means less partner disturbance and a great nights sleep! Measuring a generous 183 x 203cm in size, which gives you an extra 30cm width compared to the Queen option. The Ayr King mattress is not only big on size, but is also big on features making it a stand-out front-runner that has been designed and manufacturered right here in Australia. Incorpoarting the latest in bedding technology, it has a Climatex Quilted top layer that has superior breathable properties with pressure relieving comfort layers for optimal support and feel. An Ultra-Fresh treatment has also been applied to the the Dunlop Foam cushioning to give it a fresh, clean and more hygenic surface to protect against Asthma and allergy triggers, including dust mites. This mattress includes a 10 year warranty from one of Australia’s leading bedding manufacturer’s, that have been perfecting their sleep technology for over 85 years!

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Key Features

Full Width Pocket Springs
Firm/Medium Feel
Climatex Quilt
Ultra-Fresh Protection (helps keep the mattress fresh, hygienic & odour free)
Dunlop Foams
Australian Made
10 Year Warranty
*Bed base sold separately

IPN: 821906

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