KING KOIL Opti Sleep Long Single Mattress – Firm

Rise and shine each morning on the Opti Sleep King Koil Long Single mattress available in Firm, Medium and Plush comfort feels. When choosing a mattress, especially for younger, growing bodies it is important to compare not only the different feels but also the hidden technology and benefits. The OptiSleep Long Single, Firm Feel mattress is intuitive by design thanks to its Conforma Coil support system that will contour to your body shape and provide all-over support while it targets and help relieve pressure points such as the knees, hips and shoulders. The AeroComfort technology is a combination of advanced comfort features that work in synergy to deliver a superior sleep surface made up of breathable foams and perforated latex. This hidden multi-layered design promotes greater airflow between the inner fibres and layers which helps protect against dust mites, mould and bacteria. AH Beard is so confident in their King Koil quality and mattress technology, that they provide an industry leading 10-year customer guarantee for complete buying confidence, that is also proudly endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association.

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Key Features

Conforma Coil Support System
Performa Edge Support
Stretch Knit Fabric
Breathable AeroQuilt Pressure Relieving Comfort
Quilting Comfort Foam
Sensitive Choice Award
Australian Made
10 Year Warranty
*Bed base sold separately

IPN: 757181

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