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Cocoon Snuggle Time Co-Sleeper Mobile Cot

Making sure your baby is comfortable and sleeps soundly through the night is super important, particularly in the early stages of coming home from the hospital when everything is new and a bit daunting. The Snuggle Time Co Sleeper gives you the option to move the cot around the house, so you can always keep a watchful eye on your baby while it’s sleeping. The tilt incline allows you to reposition one side and elevate the head to assist with any reflux or nasal congestion. It has six adjustable heights, convenient storage basket and 2 side mesh panels for maximum airflow and visibility. The Cocoon Snuggle Time Sleeper is a light weight design and can be conveniently folded down into a more compact size, making it easier to transport when visitng family or friends.

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IPN: 805031

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