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Cocoon furniture is one of the leading suppliers of nursery pieces. Their main vision is to provide the safest quality furniture for families. As a market leader, Cocoon prides on achieving the highest safety standards throughout their products, providing the best user experience for you and your loved one. The furniture is built to evolve with your child and designed to last.


Choosing the right cot has never been this easy. Intuitive design with practicality is the most important feature that caregivers look for in a cot. Cocoon offers more than practicality; it guarantees high quality materials that will serve you for a long period of time while the young one is growing up. Every little detail is carefully designed to make Cocoon products the safest to use in the market.  

When it comes to changing tables, you want to pick one that is the most comfortable for your baby. Cocoon has mastered the art of practicality and stylish design. Having a change table with drawers make the difference as you can reach for whatever you store in it with ease while having all of your attention on your loved one.  

Made from sustainable European beechwood. Its creative and innovative design has the ability to evolve from a cocoon style cot, into a junior bed or even a table and chairs set that will become a great place for them to draw, learn to read, or simply play with toys. This furniture will grow with your child.