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AH Beard Enliven Adjustable Bed Bases

Sleep: it’s something we all do, and something many of us need more of. With so many people having interrupted nights of sleep, it’s important to find the right base to help you have a restful night. If you’re looking for a fast way to improve your sleep, an adjustable bed base could work for you.


Achieve Maximum Comfort with AH Beard's Grand Harmony Range

When shopping for a new mattress, comfort and durability are often the first things to think about.

Leaders in their field, A.H Beard have built a reputation for providing quality mattresses that will last the test of time, and their luxurious Grand Harmony range is no different.


The Best Technology

When choosing the right furniture pieces for your home, the technology included can be an important deciding factor to achieve ultimate comfort and convenience at home. From electric recliner lounges, home theatre suites and adjustable beds, elevate the everyday with functional statement furniture.


Find Your Perfect Recliner

Whether you’re looking for a recliner suite for your lounge, or just a trusty armchair for your bedroom, finding the right recliner for you is an important decision.

Whether you’re watching TV, reading, or even taking an afternoon nap, here at Furniture Zone we have a range of recliners in different shapes and colours to suit any space.


Our Guide to the Cosiest Sofa Beds

When you’re looking at making your spare room a more functional space, or you have family coming to stay and you realise you have no where to put them, a functional, stylish sofa bed may be the solution for you.

Ultra-functional and easy to set up and pack down, our selection of sofa beds are cosy, comfortable and look great too.